Accountable and highly effective IT professional in design, architecture and development of software. 

Main focus on new development of software and architecture to enable cost effective maintenance and further development. 

Experience from working in global teams (including off shoring), international customers and business critical software.


Reactjs, redux, .Net, C#, Github, CQRS, event sourcing, MongoDb, SQLAzure, Azure, Micro services.


Collaboration tool for car industry 2019-

Maintenance and development of a future technical roadmap within a system that is core for developing digital platforms within cars and other vehicles. The system handles the workflow, requirements and tests for the ECU’s in the cars.

  • Customer: Systemite. The system is run by companies like Volvo, Geely, CEVT.
  • Christina’s contribution: Roadmap work, performance testing, logging, programming and technical project manager.
  • Tools and techniques: .Net, C#, Gatling, Jupyter, ELK, Azure
Travel booking system 2017-2019

Design and development of a new booking system for a travel agency. 

  • Customer: Alpresor (travel agency)
  • Christina’s contribution: Development of hotel management, room availability and pricing modules in the system.  
  • Tools and techniques: CQRS, event sourcing, React, Redux, MongoDb, EventStore, Github, event-driven design, domain-driven design.
Route optimization system 2014-2017

Development and refactor route optimization systems (including mobile apps) for customers in, among others, the UK and Australia. 

  • Customers: Rentokil, Home care companies
  • Christina’s contribution: Definition of an architectural roadmap for the systems, development of an new front-end for visual visit planning, and migration of the systems into a micro services structure, development of a new mobile app.  
  • Tools and techniques: React, React native, Redux, d3, Git, MongoDb, .Net, SQLAzure, Azure, Micro services, Event sourcing, DDD, TDD. 
Volvo Group’s new customer portal 2013-2014

Design and development of a user experience portal that automatically adapts to different users. The portal was built to dynamically handle 3000 widgets for 150 000 users globally. The portal widgets was designed to enable 100 parallel developers.

  • Customer: Volvo Trucks
  • Christina’s contribution: Architect and developer of the beta version of the customer portal. 
  • Tools and techniques: Typescript, Durandaljs, REST, SignalR, C#. 
New messaging service 2011-2012

Development of a new messaging service for all messages (mail, sms, fax etc) in Stena Lines’ Freight system. The service was handling messaging templates, subscribers and channels. 

  • Customer: Stena Line
  • Christina’s contribution: Design and development of the service.
  • Tool and techniques: LinqToSql, VB.Net, SQLServer, event-driven design, test-driven development, domain driven design, clean code.
Volvo Group’s new global purchasing system 2007-2011

Development of new global purchasing system to be used by Volvo Group world wide. The work included off-shoring, new technology and a very business critical system.  

  • Customer: Volvo Powertrain
  • Christina’s contribution: Architect for the whole purchasing system portfolio, based on domain driven design. Developer of the first new module of the system.
  • Tools and Techniques: WPF, Prism, NHibernate, NServicebus, TFS, Continuous integration, Linq, WCF, SQL Server, MSMQ, WMQ  
Several projects and with global development patterns at Volvo Group 1995-2007

Customers: Volvo Penta, Volvo Trucks, Volvo IT

Responsible for defining development patterns within the Microsoft area and spreading the knowledge to Volvo’s development community, via education and social networking.

Architect and developer for several systems, mostly new development, in different areas of Volvo Group, e.g., product cost calculation, quality journals, e-business, warranties, time reporting and conference room booking.

Trainings and conferences

  • Microsoft Ignite (2020, Kopenhagen)
  • Functional modeling workshop (DDD Immersion, Amsterdam 2020)
  • WebSummit (Lisbon 2018)
  • NordicJS (Stockholm 2018)
  • Öredev (Malmö 2017)
  • NDC (Oslo 2013)  
  • Microsoft Tech-Ed (Amsterdam, 2012)  
  • SDC (Gothenburg 2012)  
  • MS Build (Los Angeles, 2011)  
  • DDD Immersion med Eric Evans (Citerus, 2011)  
  • Domain Driven Design with Jimmy Nilsson (Volvo, 2011)  
  • Team Leader (Volvo 2008)  
  • Volvo Group Software Architecture Course (Volvo 2008)  
  • Scrum Training (Volvo 2008)  


B.Sc. Information systems design, University of Karlstad, Sweden, 1993. 

Let’s build something together.