My granny used her skills to become a designer in the fashion industry. This was not mainstream in Stockholm in the 1930s. She had to work hard and believe in herself, while at the same time collaborate and listen to the customer. In short, she was independent, but yet collaborative.

I also do design, but in the software industry, and, I feel a strong connection to her and her character. I wanted to highlight this by using her profile as my logotype.

What does it mean to be independent but yet collaborative?
  • Take ownership. It might not be easy. You might not be able to solve everything by yourself. But you own the task, and until it is solved or you have to give up, you should do everything you can to find a solution.
  • Work together. Both in the team and with the customer. We all have different personalities and skills. In the best functioning teams we complete each others and take advantage our differences. That’s when cooperation gets really powerful.
  • Be honest. Choose the honest way forward. To do what is true to you will be appreciated among both customers and colleagues. Stand up for your values. But of course be aware that there might be different angles than yours.

Let’s build something together.