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Code structure – The House Metaphor

In a legacy system, what is it that you spend absolutely most time on? I would say, understanding code and finding out where to do a change. Most of us have been in the situation that we spend hours or days looking for exactly one single line that would be changed in a million line code base.

What a year…

One year ago, we new little about what 2020 would bear in mind for us. But at New Year’s Eve, me and my husband made a decision to do something that we had been planning for a long time. We would relocate from Gothenburg, where we had lived for more than 25 years, to London!


"From 2015 to 2017 I had the pleasure of working together with Christina again. She was the lead architect then and responsible for making strategic architectural decisions for the products we developed. In my opinion she couldn't have done a better job. In that role she arranged meetings within the development team to discuss the direction we were going and even though she usually was the most competent one in the room she always appreciated an open discussion, knowing that a decision based on our collective knowledge was preferable. She is a natural leader and I can only hope I'll have the privilege of working with her again."

Peter Krickner, IT architect and owner at Krickner IT

"Christina has been instrumental in developing and anchoring a target architecture for our core software products used globally. She also led the implementation of a new approach to clean code to improve reliability and quality of our software, which was very successful and valuable. In addition, Christina has contributed much when it comes to creating a professional culture in the software development unit. I want to thank Christina for a truly great job, and I recommend her highly"

Åsa Pahne, CEO at systemite