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A Christmas Chronicle

I’m filled with Christmas cheer. Because yesterday, we brought in the Christmas tree, and had a peaceful time with the family wrapping the Christmas gifts. While still in this mood, I want to tell you about my mum’s Christmas on a small farm name Månstuga in the deep forests of Värmland, in Sweden.

An award winning team – a 10 month turnaround

The Intelligence & Efficiency Team was formed two years ago. It is a digital, remote team that is spread out over several cities in two countries. When I joined them, their software was new and just about to go live. We rolled it out at the same time as we added a lot of new…

Technical Debt and Ageing Systems

When developers take shotcuts or decrease the quality to gain time, they will cause a technical debt. By doing nothing and letting the system age, the technical debt is growing too.

Code structure – The House Metaphor

In a legacy system, what is it that you spend absolutely most time on? I would say, understanding code and finding out where to do a change. Most of us have been in the situation that we spend hours or days looking for exactly one single line that would be changed in a million line…

What a year…

One year ago, we new little about what 2020 would bear in mind for us. But at New Year’s Eve, me and my husband made a decision to do something that we had been planning for a long time. We would relocate from Gothenburg, where we had lived for more than 25 years, to London!

Unit testing with F#

I recently heard about a project where the code was written in C#, but where they implemented the unit tests in F#. They did so because they wanted to learn and evaluate F# in a protected environment. I thought that sounded like a very good idea and wanted to try.

Letter to the coding newbie

Dear Newbie, I know you struggle a bit with your new role and how to become a successful professional programmer. I think the best would be if I just told you, already now at start, what you need to know!

KAFKA – Turning systems inside out and upside down

While working with domain-driven design and event-driven development, I’ve every now and then stumbled over the event streaming platform named Kafka. When asking what it is, I’ve not fully understood. I’ve also been warned that it should only be used for very specific cases.

I’m now London based

A few weeks ago, me and my family took a huge step in our lives, we relocated from Gothenburg to London!

Teamwork – Complement instead of Compete

Many conflicts and lack of cooperation derives from the fact that we simply are different. For example, some people want to move fast, other are slow but thoughtful, some want to take risks while other want to be safe.

Unit testing – Provide flexible data

As a DDD (Domain-Driven Development) person, I like to be able to read the code as I read a book. This is of course very hard, but something that I strive for. Therefore I often use the builder pattern for unit tests.

Hackathon at Systemite!

This year’s hackathon at Systemite is now finished! The challenge trophy is handed over to a new winner, Thorsten Jakobsson, and we’ve had 24 hours with a lot of fun!

Functional domain modelling

When I’ve tried to learn more about functional programming, I’ve always felt that something is missing. There is a lot focus on the functions themselves, but less on where to put them in a structure.

Why Microservices?

From my perspective, micro services (either compiled together or completely separated) is the only way of making a system survive over time. Even the most modern, high tech technology eventually gets old-fashioned, and if we don’t want to completely rewrite the whole system every 20th year, we have to split them into smaller units.

What is business logic?

I found it rather common that developers have only a vague idea of what business logic is. I also sometimes find it hard to describe it myself, even though I’ve spent many hours of my career working with it.