This year’s hackathon at Systemite is now finished! The challenge trophy is handed over to a new winner, Thorsten Jakobsson, and we’ve had 24 hours with a lot of fun!

For you who wonder what a hackathon is, please have a look at the first minutes of the greeting that Mark Zuckerberg sent us (didn’t he, Thorsten?):

The purpose of the Hackathon is to give the employees the possibility to explore and do hacks in any area, technically or businesswise. It is a way to encourage innovation and build a positive team culture. To give some inspiration we’ve chosen to have a special theme, and this year it was:

Take SystemWeaver to new platforms!

Explore the possibilities of the new api’s!

During last six months we’ve developed a REST API making it possible to access most of the features in the system from any platform. We’ve also ported the C# API to .Net Core so it can be accessed from e.g. Linux-based platforms.

SystemWeaver is opened up in many new ways, and we’re very curious to find out how this will be used both inside and outside the company!

Below you find the time schedule during the hackathon: From forming teams, to announce a winner:

Several ideás came up, and there were two that seemed to attract most participants:

  • Integrate SystemWeaver with test rigs using Ubuntu running on Docker and the new .Net Core API.
  • “Not only SystemWeaver at your hands – but in you hand”. A SystemWeaver mobile app.

Participants were joining the both teams, a great mix of developers, business analysts and business consultants, and the work begun!

The next day, everybody presented their hacks! The app team, which was the larger one, had managed to develop an app that used the REST API with the following features:

  • Display a dashboard with issues and items assigned to you.
  • View tests and fill in test cases
  • A bot (“Anna”) answering questions about SystemWeaver.
  • Providing help and information about releases (prototype)

The Docker team showed an integration with a test rig:

  • Export tests from SystemWeaver to the integration service on the Docker instance.
  • Import the tests to the rig, and send them back.

When everybody voted the Docker team turned out to be the winners and will get their names engraved on the challenge trophy!

~ A great thank you everyone for an exciting and productive Hackathon! ~

Extra thanks to Thorsten Jakobsson, my co-organiser, and the excellent help with food and snacks from Jan Söderberg.

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